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Tint Journal is the literary outlet of Tint, the ESL Literary Journal and Association based in Graz, Austria. Learn more about our association and how to connect here


We are a team of passionate and motivated volunteers who want to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse publishing scene. Founded at the Los Angeles Review of Books Publishing Workshop at the University of Southern California, USA, these are our current and founding members:


Current Volunteers:

Lisa Schantl | Founder and Editor-in-Chief

John Salimbene | Poetry Editor

Matthew Monroy | Prose Editor

Andrea Färber | Prose Editor & Social Media Manager, In Conversation Co-Editor

Chiara Meitz | In Conversation Co-Editor

Vanesa Erjavec | Art Editor


Assistant Editors:

Heike Auer

Candice Louisa Daquin

Trang Dinah Tran

Ashish Dwivedi

James Hartley

Claudia Lorraine Rumson

David Weber


Tint Nonprofit Association Board:

Lisa Schantl | Chairwoman & Cashier

Andrea Färber | Deputy Chairwoman & Secretary

Filippo Bagnasco | Deputy Secretary


A part of the team at the 'Tinted Trails' book launch © Corina Meitz



Webdesign & -development

Manfred Milchrahm (www.krauthos.at)


Founding Members:

Kenneth Guay

Rongqian Ma

Valeria García Origel

Rachel Farr

We are grateful to Antonia Hafner for the lettering and logo design, as well as to all former volunteers and contributors who helped shaping our mission and bringing our vision to life.


Tint Journal is proud to be a member of NULZ (Netzwerk unabhängiger Literaturzeitschriften / Network of independent literary magazines).


Supported by:

Land Steiermark: Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen
U.S. Embassy Vienna
Stadt Graz