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The section is divided in reviews, where our volunteers introduce our readers to new ESL books and old classics of the genre; interviews, where ESL authors share their creative secrets, their love for language, and their future projects; profiles, where our volunteers discover and present to us valuable names in the world of ESL writing.

Each article features an area for discussion at the bottom, where our readers can ask writers and editors questions or engage in conversation with one another. And if you are the writerly type rather then the readerly one, you can contact us and we’ll walk you through writing your very own In Conversation article!

It’s time to grab a cup of tea and get ready to discover your next favorite ESL book!


February 19th, 2024

A Glimpse in Time: Unveiling Universal Truths in “Mannequin of Our Times” by Vandana Kumar

by Ana Bojanović

Mannequin of Our Times by Vandana Kumar is characterized by an exceptional lightness of expression, bordering on levity, in the background of which ...read the full piece >>


February 5th, 2024

Becoming Global in English: An Interview with Bruna Dantas Lobato

by Ines Rodrigues

When we did this interview, Bruna Dantas Lobato was in a celebratory mood. Our conversation happened a few days after she got the National Book Prize ...read the full piece >>


January 31st, 2024

Love Lost between Modernization and Traditionalism: A Review of “The Lion and the Jewel” by Wole Soyinka

by Zara Miller

Wole Soyinka — 20 th century Shakespeare from Nigeria — dictates the pace of transforming Africa’s socio-economic landscape in his award-winning play ...read the full piece >>


January 22nd, 2024

The Ungrateful Refugee’s Voice: An Interview with Dina Nayeri

by Viktoriia Medvied

Dina Nayeri is an Iranian-American novelist, essayist, short-story writer, author of two novels and two books of creative nonfiction ( Who Gets ...read the full piece >>


January 8th, 2024

A World of One’s Own: A Review of Yiyun Li’s "The Book of Goose"

by Samiksha Tulika Ransom

A month ago, I happened to chance upon Yiyun Li’s interview in the Bad Form review, where she talks about her ‘aha! moment’ for The Book of Goose . ...read the full piece >>


December 27th, 2023

An Interview with Catarina Letria on History-Writing, English as a Lingua Franca, and Literary Fiction

by Elnura Huseynova

I first met award-winning fiction author Catarina Letria in Budapest during the first semester of the History in the Public Sphere program (HIPS), ...read the full piece >>


December 4th, 2023

Love and Resilience: A Review of "River Spirit" by Leila Aboulela

by Olga Pinjung

River Spirit is a history lesson carefully wrapped in a blanket of masterful storytelling filled with fascinating characters. It tells the ...read the full piece >>


November 20th, 2023

Out of the Imagination, Into the Real World: An Interview with Vanesa Erjavec

by Dolores Hunsky

The anthology Tinted Trails: Exploring Writings in English as a Second Language has been published and anyone who has seen it knows that it looks as ...read the full piece >>


November 6th, 2023

A Challenge Against Fate — A Review of Aravind Adiga’s "The White Tiger"

by Viviana De Cecco

Author Aravind Adiga recently stated in an interview that his novel contains no autobiographical elements and that his characters are only figments of ...read the full piece >>


October 23rd, 2023

Notes On Reading

by Hantian Zhang

Recently, a friend found on goodreads.com my 2023 reading list, and it seemed long to him. Interested, he asked me to share a tip or two on reading: ...read the full piece >>
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