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Tint Journal is the first online literary journal with an explicit focus on writers who produce creative texts in English as their second or non-native language.

By choosing English as their means of communication, these writers provide their English reading audience with an immediate take on their values, ideas, and beliefs. They bridge borders and blend cultures without the third party of the translator and offer the purest and deepest understanding of their fiction and nonfiction worlds.

Our mission is to create a platform for emerging and established ESL writers and encourage them to stand behind their non-native English backgrounds. Their language has a uniquely modifying quality that enriches their stories and consequently their readers’ responses to their stories. We think that this quality has been ignored — even shamed — for too long. Through the innovative, tinted lenses of ESL writers, we shine a light on the ways that authors all over the globe can contribute to what we know as literature in English.

“I think that we, the ESL writers, come to English with very fresh eyes and ears. I am careful and precious with each and every word; and sometimes that means I have to work even harder than native English speakers. But it can pay off in a great way.” — Kseniya Melnik, author of Snow in May

Tint showcases original fiction and nonfiction creations by ESL writers including short prose, flash as well as poetry. In view of the diverse backgrounds of our contributing writers, any subject matter which does not violate our values of acceptance and inclusivity is welcome. The journal also features audio recordings of the writers reading their work.

Additionally, English writers of any kind are asked to contribute interviews with and profiles of ESL writers, as well as reviews of pieces written by ESL writers.

Please refer to our submission guidelines before handing in a piece.



“Tint acknowledges and highlights the native and other languages that inform a text. This openness, fraternity, acceptance and celebration of our human diversity are what publishing needs to deliver art and stories that matter — and indeed, it is what the world needs now more than ever.” — Juhea Kim, author and Tinted Trails guest editor

“This journal has a compelling mission, one that I haven’t seen before in a literary magazine. By opening a space for ESL writers’ creative voices, Tint Journal will expose readers to a rich, culturally diverse world.” — Janis Hubschman, writer and professor

Tint Journal provides a valuable, indeed a necessary, reminder of the contribution that non-native speakers of English make to the language, suffusing it with new cultural hues, new shades of meaning. The writing in these pages testifies to the fact that foreignness is not a taint, but a tint, without which our world would be hopelessly dull.” — Executive editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books, translator and author Boris Dralyuk

“I am thrilled to see Tint in motion. As a writing instructor as well as a member of several writing communities, I’ve read and listened to hundreds of pieces written by ESL writers. Because of this, my appreciation for storytelling, culture and language has deepened and widened. That we now have a journal devoted to showcasing these texts is exhilarating and the timing is perfect.” — Kathy Curto, writer, professor and teaching artist



KUNSTRAUM STEIERMARK-Scholarship 2023 (EiC Lisa Schantl)
Short listed for the Amateo Award 2021
Ö1 Reparatur der Zukunft Award 2020
Finalist for the European Youth Award 2019



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We want to thank all our supporters and believers deeply for their trust in our mission! Special thanks goes to the Los Angeles Review of Books, the City of Graz, Land Steiermark, the US Embassy in Vienna and dedicated scholars from the University of Graz.

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