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For the past five years, the literary magazine Tint Journal has contributed to raising awareness for translingual authors who choose to compose their texts in English as their second language (ESL). To celebrate the anniversary of our volunteer effort, we recently published an anthology on ESL literature, Tinted Trails, which was presented at a festival of the same name in November 2023 in Graz, Austria, and beyond.

The Book

Released in November 2023

The anthology Tinted Trails. Exploring Writings in English as a Second Language features a total of 35 uniquely illustrated poems and stories — partially a best-of Tint Journal texts from issues #01 to #10, partially new works by renowned ESL authors — to show the wide and bright kaleidoscope of worldwide literature in English.

Find out more and order the book here.


The Festival

November 10-11, 2023 | Graz and beyond

Visitors had the chance to experience the variety of ESL literature at the book presentation on the first evening with authors from all over the globe, to try translingual writing out for themselves at one of the many workshops on the following day, and to participate in an open mic contest.

See the full program here or read the festival recap here.

To catch us on our Tinted Trails Tour, see our event page.


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