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[the Waitress with the Roman Nose]

by Chiara Maxia

I admire her figure: graceful as she swings around the tables cleaning up after the clients, collecting empty glasses, with an absent gaze, the ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

A Cultural Exchange

by Elena Traina

“Penzance is the end of the line, if you know what I mean,” one of you said to us, eventually. We knew it: we had travelled on the train all the way ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

A Mute Morning

by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

The dusty blades of the ceiling fan were still. The Summer storm last night with claps of lightning, gales of wind, and lashes of rain, had knocked ...read the full piece >>


Chain Of Supply

by Benedict Hangiriza

Geological past shapes biological present. — Blake de Pastino sun-charred pits bloated with bodies, sacks of bright-turquoise shales. This biblical ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Dead Girl Summer

by Saumya Sawant

Hot summer days, we perspire, existing only in those moments when your broken AC kicks to life, blows out stale cold air. Summer of our seventeenth ...read the full piece >>



by Amalia Pistilli

My mother stands at the blue and yellow Formica table in our dining room; in a bowl rests a dough she made with boiled potatoes puréed through a ricer ...read the full piece >>


Hard Labor: Childbirth Soviet Style

by Galina Chernaya

Why do people always say you forget the pain of labor? I haven’t forgotten the pain of labor. Labor hurt. It hurt a lot. The fact that I am not ...read the full piece >>


Ignorance and Bliss

by Emily Kossak

The day I should have called the ambulance was bright and sunny. It was a day that should have smelled like summer: green park lawns, sweat, sizzling ...read the full piece >>


Into something rich and strange

by Lisa Giacalone

There’s a house on the hills of Segesta. A hand so wet, it drips when it knocks. Passioned plastic, porcelain mothers nail their wooden sons to the ...read the full piece >>



by Selene Lacayo

Time is an odd thing. You really can’t grasp how much of it has passed until you are confronted with a photograph of a former you. Cross-referencing ...read the full piece >>



by Jayant Kashyap

after Lethe by Yoko Kubrick Tonight it stands in your garden both an image of afterlife and in time we shall bend down at its side to drink to our ...read the full piece >>



by Loic Ekinga

...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Male Monthly Epistaxis

by Aydée Tirado

[One or more Wikipedians are currently working on this template. As a result, there may be content gaps or formatting deficiencies.] Male monthly ...read the full piece >>


Moonlight Shimmers

by David Herbst

As moonlight shimmers on the lake winds howl at the exposed landing, the cold air gusts serenity upon the scene. Bright shades illuminate my eyes, a ...read the full piece >>


My hands

by Ella Felber

My hands are writing, crafting, caring, touching, picking apples… reaching for my ancestors’ hands. For the ones who sit with me, and for the ones who ...read the full piece >>


Pocket of Fucks

by Jan Mohn

i dance buck wild i dance to a remix of hate i dance like a wounded child i dance to lessen the general belly ache i dance because the club is ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction


by Hader Morsy

One-way flights are generally more expensive than return ones (per flight). The Syrian civil war is the second deadliest conflict of the 21st century ...read the full piece >>


Self-portrait with Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed

by Réka Nyitrai

I wear my sunglasses and my feet are dressed in red stiletto heels. I see myself in the lit windows of the shops. Without being arrogant, I can assure ...read the full piece >>



by Johan Smits

It was during that era when Michael Jackson introduced his moonwalk, Madonna pretended to be a virgin and Oprah first aired her TV show. It was the ...read the full piece >>


Strange light

by Conny Borgelioen

What is in a name, a palatalisation of an origin. The smallest variation of strange, Vowels and consonants clash and eddy on a mirror. My hair lays ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

The Economic Theory of Depreciation

by Tjizembua Tjikuzu

The body is no different from a landscape. What shapes the valley, shapes me. When the sugars erode my right molar, my father offers me tiny red ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Fern Flower

by J.B. Polk

It was the last day of our holiday in Poland. We’d already visited Malbork, the biggest medieval castle in the world, and the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Girl in the Yellow Painting

by Taslim Burkowicz

“Cocksucker. Shit. Fuck.” Rina looks around the café in Guildford, wondering if anyone has heard her. Her Tourette’s is ten times worse when she is ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

The Portal

by L.E. Pinto

Beneath his furrowed brow, the larger-than-life fat man’s gray eyes remain permanently fixed in a mid-range gaze that never notices who is in his ...read the full piece >>


we are here

by Tatyana Platonova

we are here. the works submitted for the competition should not violate the legislation of the rf i wonder what does it mean is it possible in this ...read the full piece >>

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