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by Amalia Pistilli

My mother stands at the blue and yellow Formica table in our dining room; in a bowl rests a dough she made with boiled potatoes puréed through a ricer ...read the full piece >>


Hard Labor: Childbirth Soviet Style

by Galina Chernaya

Why do people always say you forget the pain of labor? I haven’t forgotten the pain of labor. Labor hurt. It hurt a lot. The fact that I am not ...read the full piece >>


Ignorance and Bliss

by Emily Kossak

The day I should have called the ambulance was bright and sunny. It was a day that should have smelled like summer: green park lawns, sweat, sizzling ...read the full piece >>



by Selene Lacayo

Time is an odd thing. You really can’t grasp how much of it has passed until you are confronted with a photograph of a former you. Cross-referencing ...read the full piece >>



by Johan Smits

It was during that era when Michael Jackson introduced his moonwalk, Madonna pretended to be a virgin and Oprah first aired her TV show. It was the ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

The Economic Theory of Depreciation

by Tjizembua Tjikuzu

The body is no different from a landscape. What shapes the valley, shapes me. When the sugars erode my right molar, my father offers me tiny red ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

The Portal

by L.E. Pinto

Beneath his furrowed brow, the larger-than-life fat man’s gray eyes remain permanently fixed in a mid-range gaze that never notices who is in his ...read the full piece >>

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