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Issue Fall '22


An Elegy

by Aysel K. Basci

Acknowledging the fear of losing someone close to us is a trial of sorrow and surrender, where eloquent words rise gracefully from the heart but soon ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

Angry Black Cat

by Brinda Gulati

What I’m about to say isn’t mine to say. I know, however, that no one else will say it, so I’m claiming this memory as my own. In India, we know ...read the full piece >>



by Giulia Ottavia Frattini

falling in love with this language to heal a bleeding reality words are theatre and lust, my body, a flawed emitter i call gestures and hopes by the ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Clare's Freedom

by M. M. Coelho

All the Clares in the world have something that belongs to me: the choices that should have been mine, the opportunities I wasn’t given. All I wanted ...read the full piece >>



by Giada Pesce

Is it that dream you sell? Of that day when I was eight and I was running with the dogs? Down those stairs the steps so wide my soles slapped the ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction


by Fezeka Mkhabela

My grandmother rose with the sun as it warmed the earth. Our alarm clock was the sound of the chicken’s cluck. My bed felt like the kaleidoscopic land ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Good Girl

by Helia S. Rethmann

I doze through the morning commotion, drifting in and out of dreams directed by pain. I only get up when the agony of having to move my limbs is ...read the full piece >>


How To Not Drown In A Poem Full Of Seas

by Sunday T. Saheed

in a village, all a woman carries on her soles are foot- prints of water — & yet, every man that ratifies her says she holds them enough, as if her ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

I read Roland Barthes on my Costa Rica vacation and saw signs everywhere around me

by Hantian Zhang

Take the families of howler monkeys waking me up in the morning, five, six, or up to ten of them scuttling through the inter-palm-tree freeways of ...read the full piece >>


Kayaking the First Bends

by Joris Soeding

we slide from the muddy shore onlookers from the bridge from the other bank a young boy gets close to a ripple to see without sifting into earth and ...read the full piece >>


Koi and Love

by Kaori Fujimoto

If I were to list and explain Japanese words with no English equivalents, I would first give koi , which loosely translates as “love.” Japanese has ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Little One

by Alla Barsukova

Mourn, verb — to feel or express great sadness, especially because of someone's death. Queen Victoria mourned Prince Albert/Prince Albert's death for ...read the full piece >>


Loving the unpredictable: a story about Etna

by Bianca-Olivia Nita

We leave the car and start to climb slowly. ‘I’m out of shape,’ Toni tells me only a few minutes in. These last months in and out of lockdown took its ...read the full piece >>


Madness is a personal metaphor

by Akhila Pingali

My body is a tree. So I stand stock-still on the sidewalk wriggling my toes in the dirt. If my head is a wired eyrie, birds are thoughts of prey. ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Mamo and Sinku*

by Volha Kastsiuk

She was standing on the side of the road next to naked winter poplar trees. Old, short, bent and cold. She waved her hand several times and I put my ...read the full piece >>


My Azov Sea

by Viktoriia Grivina

In the early autumn of 2021, I repeated my old childhood route from Kharkiv to the sea of Azov. There, in the lazy silence of Schastlyvtseve (The ...read the full piece >>



by Lázaro Gutiérrez

There’s something odd about looking at pictures from my childhood. Inside them is a different life, a different spectrum of colors I hardly recognize ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Snake Baby

by Min "Matthew" Choi

Snake baby came to me in a neat glass bottle, corked at the top with cellophane wrapped around it all. Mama bought it from abroad two years ago, slid ...read the full piece >>



by Constance Mello

My grandmother leads us up the dirt road The machete in her hand is the length of her torso (She has gotten shorter, since I was born) ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Liars' Village

by Lindi Dedek

The gas station marks our weekly trips. It splits the time into quarters. When we stop there on Saturday morning, we’ll need exactly three quarters of ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

The News

by Sergii Pershyn

The news about the killing of a newspaper delivery boy did not spread in the neighborhood. Because the Sunday paper was never delivered. Evan’s ...read the full piece >>


The third child’s love affair

by Pragya Dhiman

I ate lizard eggs as a child and the wallpaper that turned cream like the ocean iced and rain water when it kissed my skin in last summer’s yellow ...read the full piece >>


To the Alien Crops in the Marshy Fields

by Chanlee Luu

After James Wright’s "To the Saguaro Cactus Tree in the Desert Rain" I know the ugly duckling Cried deep into the night, Stuck in your thicket. I have ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

When Trouble Calls Home

by Daniel Ogba

1. Trouble wore a plain black t-shirt and facecap the day it visited Flat 6. Kainayo made sure the key turned twice in the lockhole, clicked secure, ...read the full piece >>



by Lady Key

Look at you, maiden on each fingertip, a fly! Un animal de calle, Bordstein- schwalbe. Look up, how the electricity trapped in clouds, shining on the ...read the full piece >>

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