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Aydée Tirado


First Language(s): Spanish
Second Language(s): English, French, Italian


Aydée Tirado is a Mexican agronomist and writer. She started writing at the age of fourteen, but it wasn’t until university that she was first published. Her writing has been shaped through literary workshops, focusing on collaborative work. Her self-published plaquettes under the label of Cosa Nostra Cartonera have explored essays and poetry, on feminisms, the body, territory, and affection.


What was your favorite book as a child?

I didn’t read many books as a child, I was more of an Encarta kid, but I would say that Journey to the Center of the Earth had a special place.

What was the original reason or motivation why you started writing creatively?

Curiosity at first. Then it became a kind of a need. Writing became a good method for unfolding ideas or channeling what otherwise would be visceral reactions to situations in my surroundings.

What was the most adventurous or thrilling thing you ever did/experienced?

My life is relatively uneventful. So far, the most adventurous thing has been a brief backpacking trip through Eastern Europe. I hope the most thrilling thing is yet to come.

Do you listen to music while reading or writing?

I do not listen to music while reading because I find it distracting. But when I write, that’s a different story. I can listen to any kind of music while writing. I feel it helps me to take rhythm and to ease the flow of ideas.


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