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we are here

by Tatyana Platonova

"Barred" by Shelby Thames
"Barred" by Shelby Thames

we are here.

the works submitted for the competition
should not violate the legislation of the rf
i wonder
what does it mean
is it possible in this case to write
such words in a poem as
foreign agents
political prisoners
acts of solidarity
gesture of goodwill
negative surfacing
etc., etc.?

in theory, on one hand
such words
do not violate the legislation of the rf
cf. art. 29
rf constitution
par. 1-5
freedom of thought and speech
is guaranteed to everyone
and also
freedom of the media
is guaranteed
censorship is prohibited

on the other hand
can they consider this
as an insult
to the feelings of religious
sexual majorities
white cisgender men
and russians
can they consider this
as an outrage
against russians
and the russian language, incl.?

they can and even will
so it is probably
better not to take risks
and boldly back
down by showing miracles
of inhuman cowardice
inimitable quietness
and incredible shyness
then, perhaps
the poem
will certainly pass
all higher authorities
and you will be awarded the highest award
of thirty pieces of silver
one silk tie
made to order
just for your neck

we are here.

Appeared in Issue Fall '23

Tatyana Platonova

Nationality: Russian

First Language(s): Russian
Second Language(s): English, Polish

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