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Issue Spring '23

Short Story

A Wasteland Fugue

by Yael Kastel

On days like this you don't know what to make of the sea. It is deep and dark and blue and the skies are a numb grey. Your bag is empty and your hand ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction


by Jael Montellano

The fetid Midwestern heat is trapped in this house with you. The kitchen windows are open, but without a draft, the heat goes nowhere. Outside, the ...read the full piece >>


Banana Legs

by Gershom Gerneth Mabaquiao

I think I was in fourth grade when I first read the story of Cupid and Psyche. I was nine and I resonated strongly with Cupid. When he set down the ...read the full piece >>


cicada girl

by Caroline Kuba

You once told me The word ‘beautiful’ should be reserved for mother nature — For mountain views and stalagmites, and landscapes drenched in moonlight. ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Coty 24

by Jee Ann Marie E. Guibone

“Your mother looks hideous.” I absolutely agree, except I don’t say it out loud because you’re probably listening in right now, your spirit floating ...read the full piece >>



by Adriana Oniță

I carry you, Rafael, like I carry drafts of poezii in română și spaniolă, like I carry grief, dor, rugăciuni. You’ve carried me across livezi de ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

Dispatches from New York City: the ferry ride

by Leyla Shukurova

It is my first summer in New York. Not an actual summer that belongs to me fully, but a two-week long vacation that I took to come here all the way ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Fever Dream

by Bianca Skrinyar

I dream of a lake, my soul’s lake, I dream of an old man, a boatman. He holds a ferryman’s pole in his bony right hand, and ferries between two lands ...read the full piece >>


For Your Own Good

by Huina Zheng

Normally, in my country of China, the news reports you saw were positive and people did not post negative comments on social media about society and ...read the full piece >>


heavier than heaven

by Italo Ferrante

i dream of a body at rest forever it’s mine i recognise its angular mass of lumps & knots how it collapses inwards when i don’t pipe-feed it i catch ...read the full piece >>


History Book

by Eniola Abdulroqeeb Arówólò

(Biafra War) war was a grater that shredded off the skin of this city. i stand, a monolith, in front of the armored tank, every part of this robot ...read the full piece >>


My Father in a Self-portrait

by Ranjiet

On a January wintry night, ankle-deep in muddy water, skin thrashed by coldness, a body shivers to the feet, breathing, quick and shaky, intermittent ...read the full piece >>


My mother is a liar

by Neha Rayamajhi

She tells me she doesn't miss me, that eight thousand miles is not too far, and eleven hours of difference is nothing. She says her health is good, ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction


by Philipp Scheiber

I’m in my boss’s office. It is a featureless room. So featureless, in fact, it even lacks walls. It’s just a white expanse. No chairs, no table. My ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Passing Through

by George Nevgodovskyy

The sun peeks out over the western hills just as we drive into Chinook Head. The kids asleep in the backseat with crumbs sticking to their cheeks, ...read the full piece >>


Predestined Relationships

by Karolina Pawlik

If someone was watching, they would only see an elderly Chinese man, waving after two foreign women as they disappear into the distance. One of the ...read the full piece >>


Reducing the focus/Après Rimbaud

by Leah Soeiro Nentis

Once, if I remember well, her kisses broke the zits into pus on my cheek as she bent over to kiss me. If I remember correctly I sat my mother on my ...read the full piece >>


Rituals of Burning

by Oindri Sengupta

I’ve kept all the rituals of burning at your door. When time was inside, all the ceremonial rapture of seasons, the first sound of your heart dropped ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

The Coin

by Daniel Loebl

Like all good stories, this one starts at the beach. I was wandering the shore at sunrise when I saw something glinting in the sand, near where the ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The One Who Never Left

by Douglas Jern

The first disappearance happened on live national television. With the perfect dramatic timing of a well-rehearsed performance, the Emperor himself ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Perfect Student

by J.M. Wong

Comments from class teacher: Sandra performs immensely well. She is well-disciplined, hard-working and a very self-motivated student. She is a humble ...read the full piece >>


To the Flung Out

by Isabella Cruz Pantoja

Swear off poplar trees. Swear off those congenial fields of high grass and dandelions that have not yet grown white and feeble and old. Swear off any ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

un _ broken

by Mandira Pattnaik

it is possible you broke ___ bamboo pencil into two on purpose, agitated with ___ teasing — pinki, pinki — your sister was putting up with, mutely, ...read the full piece >>

Short Story


by Wambui Waldhauser

If I am to tell you about the murder, I will have to tell you about the black wedding, because no matter what everyone purports and pretends to ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Watching and Praying

by Ethel Maqeda

She was making maqebelengwana when they came. Four men and a young woman. Sihle knew two of the men, but that wouldn't make a difference. It could ...read the full piece >>

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