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Issue Spring '22



by Natalie Bühler

Slide in for a bilingual swim, brain suddenly porous, Grammar shifts but lexicon remains, the sun casts The same net on the pool floor, Pebbles ...read the full piece >>


An Ode to My Inner Ballerina

by Brianna Colmenares

I am Clara, I am Alice running circles in my pointe shoes the Dodo, and the Dormouse stare. The March Hare hounds her to stop. He is dizzy. Tweedledee ...read the full piece >>


Aubade Beginning with Landfall

by Elvis A. Galasinao Jr.

Thatched roof and bamboo walls of the nipa hut are tied down to the ground like a canopy tent. Whenever I see girls and boys… He drives metal stakes ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

Geografía Of The Heart

by Laetitia Lesieure Desbrière Batista

I am eleven years old and I am sitting in art class. I recently moved to Paris and I am already not the small town girl I was just a few months ...read the full piece >>


I Think He Was a Teen

by Ilias Tsagas

On the wooden floor, coiled with handcuffs and leg irons on like an embryo — dead. But no, slaves were shackled standing. Judging from the size of the ...read the full piece >>


identity is a territory

by Olja Alvir

identity is a territory ever striving to describe the sea its roots in all the wrong places. on this plateau I am not lost though, i’m just a visitor ...read the full piece >>



by Yulia Tseytlin

Imagine: you dive into a lake on a hot summer day. Your feet rooted in the wooden springboard; its warmth supportive, caring. The clear emerald waters ...read the full piece >>


In Transit

by Chotiya Ahuja

I had an hour. Emerging out from the jet bridge, I saw the sky darkening with orange and red streaks at the horizon. In the terminal, it was bright ...read the full piece >>


Language Instruction for New Canadians Practicum

by Eric Abalajon

After the break, Sally came back wearing a new outfit. She was greeted with applause. A black blazer, hair tied up, printed script in one hand, ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Lengths, Depths

by Herman Kringlund

Guillermo sat leaning against the house wall and pretended to read as Julieta came walking down the gravelled main street of Guataca. She carried an ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Mohammed Odhiambo Oloo

by Wambui Waldhauser

Every Sunday, Ned did something with all his three children so that his wife could have a few hours to herself. He always did something physically ...read the full piece >>


Mother Tongue Land You

by Nastya Kovalchuk

Disastrous December seemed like it was only a set piece of Russia in a Joe Wright movie — сardboardy birches and fickle affections, vodka fumes and ...read the full piece >>


my spine's topography.

by Caroline Kuba

There is sea-glass on the walls of my family’s cabin in the mountains, inherited from my grandma, living deep in the glacier glazed woods. She still ...read the full piece >>


Oxygen, ah Oxygen!

by Edith Cook

When your body is deprived of oxygen, it reacts in a number of ways. If the reason underlying the lack is unknown, you may embark on a wild-goose ...read the full piece >>


Still Life with Deer

by Wil-Lian Guzmanos

1. Amah taught us how to fold. First, it was a paper boat, then a ball. A frog, then a crane. Then a shirt with two slots for a pair of trousers with ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Sweet Magnolia

by J.B. Polk

The day Magnolia was born, my universe erupted into a thousand colours and turned into a dazzling impressionist painting. Now I’m not even sure if ...read the full piece >>


The Guilt Gift

by Maliha Khan

It was a Saturday morning which meant no school. Yet I had to get up early as papa disliked us sleeping in till late. Of course, I was annoyed at him ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Helicoid

by N.M.A. Zambrano

Dec. 25th, 2016 The Helicoid, Caracas 0800 “Look at me, papá ,” the pair of bright rounded eyes beckoned, full of the kaleidoscope of the afternoon ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

The Last Flash

by Lorna Ye

When Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he lost not only his health but also his sense of humor. Dad was the funniest person I had ever known. ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

The Willful Children

by Margit Marenich

This is what had happened, so the story goes. About a mother, her daughters and a grave, on which more than one beautiful flower still grows. “Good ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

This Place Has Been Doing Me Some Good

by Zosia Koptiuch

The first thing I find in the sea is a bottle. At first, I assume it’s trash, a discarded reminder of someone’s Sunday beach party or an empty vodka ...read the full piece >>


Three Modes of Death & Serenity

by Oana Nicola

1. Each waking, a gamble with my patience “You used to be so smart.” Now the brick wall’s done the cleanup job, not growing up but hollowing out. A ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

tight air

by Angela Regius

we all contemplated suicide. we all hoped for euthanasia. we did not know what it meant: euthanasia. we never learnt the word. what we did hope for ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Today’s Soup

by Ines Rodrigues

“…I realized that our dislikes are as deeply ingrained as our better passions…” (John Cheever) Sarah’s Place restaurant became famous when the gossip ...read the full piece >>


When Trauma Meets Art

by David Gev

Fragments of Intergenerational Trauma Time and time again, I discover how I can't know what I don't know, and I can't see what I don't see until, one ...read the full piece >>

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