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Issue Spring '19

Short Story

A Point of Mew

by Melania Paszek

The dangling Thingie from the Fluff is making me angry, why does it dangle? I poke and scratch. But it keeps dangling. Stupid, fluffy Thingie. The ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction


by Edvige Giunta

“You are becoming Americanized.” A friend explains my angst prior to the arrival of family from Italy. I grew up in a world where we ate from each ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Another One Bites the Dust

by Heike Auer

The room was pitch-black when a piercing sound echoed through the darkness. A woman groaned loudly. A tousled head emerged from under a heavy duvet, ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Before and After

by Andrea Färber

Before, the world was golden, drenched in sunlight or drenched in rain as long as she was by his side. Her laughter had the power to chase storm ...read the full piece >>



by Rosa Angelica Garcia

Brother, I stood in front of your casket on a Friday morning. Mom and Dad were behind me making sure I did not cry. The casket was a temporary fix for ...read the full piece >>


Caught in the Rhythm

by Patrick Sylvain

For Toni Morrison A few beats sounded out of the earth like a heart in the depths of water. A soft modulation of tam- doom-tam , like the first beat ...read the full piece >>


How to write when you are not writing

by Camilla Marotta

(in your native language) Let’s be clear: There is not a secret formula when it comes to writing. You can either sit down and do it, or keep whining ...read the full piece >>



by Cristaly Lorraine Argenal

Saturdays were for Pa. That was the agreement my parents made when they split. Ma wasn’t fond of the idea. They weren’t on good terms, yet she had to ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction


by Edvige Giunta

Homesickness grows like a weed. I consider Spain a suitable candidate for my next home. I fantasize about living in a small house overlooking the ...read the full piece >>


Seasons of you

by Schlomo Cabrera

And it is when the sun is hotter, That the sweetest mango starts to rot. It’s true when the snow is older That the bed is warmer. Happy you. I love ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Shadows over Jerusalem I

by Philip Steiner

The Edge of the World My dear friend Elah, For almost three centuries our people have been captives — since Armageddon, when humanity disappeared from ...read the full piece >>



by Matea Lacmanović

We are sinning, my dear, chasing the lingering echoes of judging voices in this Village. Our sins tear apart every unsaid curse cast upon our ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Spring Must Be Nice

by Martina Braunegger

I watched them. Watched them laugh and play and sing and dance. Dance... Oh how I envied them! I looked down at my feet, as if I could make them move ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Take a Look

by David Weber

We had been walking inland for several months and slowly but steadily our resources had become scarce. We could hold up several days without food — ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Story of the Three Sisters

by Maria Makrovasili

“Noooooooo! What are you doing, stupid?” “Leave me alone! It’s so much fun! Look how they react!” “Give me the salt right now!” “No, no, no, and ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Third Drawer

by Valeria García Origel

BLACK. . . NARRATOR (V.O.) It is always the same. Every morning She wakes up without memory. There exists a magnificent moment of peace where the ...read the full piece >>


To my Syrian friend

by Daniela Rafalt

Dedicated to Ephrem Ishac, April 2016 Wish I had met you in Aleppo, when ash-Shahbaa saw better days. For now we’re both trapped disoriented, you from ...read the full piece >>

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