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Issue Fall '21

Flash Nonfiction

A Brief Chronology of My English Accent

by Tim Tim Cheng

1993 — Wailing inside the NICU was my first language. 1996 — The first word came during kindergarten, a cloudburst of Cantonese breaking the hidden ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

A High Encounter, or: The Eyes from Above

by Arno Bohlmeijer

Each motion is a touch of body and soul. He’s alone, roving and hoping — not for company, unless it would be special indeed? — in a quiet corner of ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

A Ragdoll in a Garden

by Margarita Beatriz Escobar

Teresa’s stomach churned as she considered what she was about to do. It wasn’t too late, she could still turn around and leave. She dried her sweaty ...read the full piece >>



by Mari-Carmen Marín

It is your sea, the sparkles of light shining off its limpid waters on your days of Levante, the ones that as a child I wanted to trap in my hands to ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Camera Man

by Richard Risemberg

The old camera lay heavy as a gun in his hand. The dull sheen of its metal top contrasted with the worn leather that covered the body. There was a ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

Can you see?

by Thea Inuk Lønberg-Jensen

“There’s a man here who has changed his gender and he… erh, she says she has booked a test,” the nurse said into the phone, her voice low and her eyes ...read the full piece >>



by Seher Hashmi

This Valentine don’t bring me that same old heart shaped box, a stock character, human condition in 3D, hackneyed joke trailing off with sarcastic ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Evenings in Monroe Apartments

by Gladwell Pamba

Every evening after dinner, mum perched in front of the dressing mirror and drew her brows with a black eye pencil, applied the red lipstick, and when ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction


by Susmita Paul

I sat amidst a group of popular girls in my new school. I was telling them the story about my grandparents being in love despite family rivalry. My ...read the full piece >>


For such a time as this

by Samiksha Tulika Ransom

My dog-eared Mrs Dalloway was lying on the kitchen platform and I was trying to prepare the perfect meal for you. You were sitting in your arm chair ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction


by Lucy Braun

I held you in my arms minutes after you arrived. Your newborn soles smelled of sweet, new innocence. You had the most curious eyes and they glowed in ...read the full piece >>


Homeland of Boats

by Sami Mahroum

Oh Sirin! Do you remember the day we left, extinguished the lanterns, closed the door of the house? We packed very little, left our tears in napkins. ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

I have no beginning, no middle, no end

by Karla Hirsch

The funeral is a small affair: a priest and two workers who stand by the open grave like bored statues, facing yet another rerun of a ritual blunted ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction


by Maja Ulasik

mornings are sunny, afternoons are cloudy, you never know about evenings, but nights are full of dreams. you can open a window even though you are in ...read the full piece >>



by Rimona Afana

...read the full piece >>


Semantics of Selfhood: A Bilinguacultural Poem

by Changming Yuan

1/ I vs 我: Denotations The first person singular pronoun, or this very Writing subject in English is I , an only-letter Word, standing straight like a ...read the full piece >>


Textile Trajectories — On Ancestry and Artmaking

by Marlene Lahmer

Through a seminar and a concurrent exhibition, I first came into contact with the logic of textile. There we discussed not only the material ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The critical period

by Nanna A. Skriver

The woman who gave birth to me only ever demanded two things from me: Don’t go down into the basement, and if you do, don’t tell anyone about what you ...read the full piece >>


The List Maker

by Johanna Montilla

I am a planner. I go through the day with a notepad, a checklist, and a pen in my pocket. I’m traditional, I’d rather use the paper version instead of ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Tans of Ta Phin

by Nikola Živković Takšev

The children were in the back of the house playing cards, filling the room with laughter and in-game shouts as the sun was reaching the day’s ...read the full piece >>


Thirteen Candles, No Wishes

by Lissa Batista

1. The Owner’s Daughter I grew up in a nightclub with people of the night. In Miami. Starting at thirteen. I was raised between mojitos and bottles of ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Train Out of Time

by Mario Marčinko

As the legendary Transsibirskaya sets out on the mammoth path of its eastward rails, the bland block of architecture that is the Yaroslavsky terminal ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Washed Up

by Ramon Martensen

I hear the ferry's final call from the darkness behind me. Waves are crashing against the rocks as I dive deeper into my coat. All the lights around ...read the full piece >>


Your full name won’t fit the form

by Carlos A. Pittella

The Latin tongue made Exocoetus out of the Ancient Greek ἐξώκοιτος, meaning “sleeping outside” (literally “outside bed”), which gave the family name ...read the full piece >>

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