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Issue Fall '20

Flash Fiction

Call Into Question

by Ana Henriques Brotas

The question mark could have been born from an Egyptian cat. Its shape made to resemble the contour of its tail when especially curious. But the ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

Canadiana Boots

by Yannis Lobaina

On the morning of March 25, 2014, I woke up with my entire body trembling. Very sweaty hands. The day of embarking on a new journey had come. I had ...read the full piece >>

Short Story


by Maria A. Ioannou

“I heard it's a good show,” a woman said. She was standing right behind me; I think she was talking to me but I didn’t turn my head. I just felt the ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Cesar Chavez

by Marcus Narvaez

“Norma! No puedes creer que me paso hoy!” I announce into my home as I burst through the front door. My energy should be drained since I washed ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Deep Blue

by Philip Steiner

Impenetrable darkness surrounds Ahmed thousands of meters under the surface. He cannot move, nor breathe; there is no escape from the deep sea and its ...read the full piece >>


Forget Him

by Nafisa A. Iqbal

“Look at this photograph, ma , look! How many men could pull off a white pinstripe suit? Doesn’t he look like a film star with that button rose in his ...read the full piece >>


Here's to you, Mrs. Hutchinson

by Ana Bustelo

As I look back on my early school days in Washington D.C., I realize I don't remember the name of any of my teachers, only Mrs. Hutchinson. Forty five ...read the full piece >>


How We Said Goodbye

by Yanita Georgieva

Five men with footballer haircuts and off-brand tracksuits buried my grandfather in a two-metre grave. Before that, they dug up my father and tucked ...read the full piece >>

Short Story


by Roya Zendebudie

A feather wakes me up. It’s a shade of white I can’t put my fingers on, ivory, vanilla? It is light, a slice of air, really. “I could fly with this,” ...read the full piece >>


It’s Like a Curry Sandwich

by Skanda Prasad

I Bengaluru, 1994 Amma never made this at home, and Grandma — bless her heart— would’ve fainted at the touch of the proscribed onions, but ever so ...read the full piece >>


Lost Letters from the Past

by Anya Weimann

As the bus pulled away from the main markets in Phnom Penh, I leaned my head against the cold window. I had arrived here only a few days ago and the ...read the full piece >>



by Eva Michely

For my grandfather As he lay stretched out on the rosy settee in their brassy becushioned sitting room Next to the radiator running on oil that never ...read the full piece >>


My Dear Yeast

by Melanie Hyo-In Han

Embracing and Appreciating Language as Identity They says to me “Everyone needs to learn.” It too hard. I too old. I try communicate with ...read the full piece >>


Reported Speech

by Sofia Grishchuk

Why I didn’t report your speech: I teach my students that when reported direct speech takes a step back into the past, so it becomes yesterday : I’m ...read the full piece >>



by Letizia Mariani

Living on the cusp of sodium and ascension is licking the ocean off your lips and tasting eighty degrees. Or finding it to be a cheap alternative of ...read the full piece >>

Short Story


by Margo Gritt

The last cigarette in a packet is like the last bullet in a gun you keep when night falls on a desert island. Death is slow and tastes like melon. I ...read the full piece >>


Sex Tape, B-side

by Iva Ticic

My vices got unzipped and are now hanging loose; That's the title of your sex tape. When you’re gone I circle your apartment like a hungry cat; That's ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

Summer in the Heart

by Christina Dax

The lights were flickering. On and off and on and off and on, and then, finally, they went out once and for all. Moira let out a deep sigh and pulled ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

The Bassman

by Frederick Reinprecht

It’s been 9 months since the last time we all gathered on our grandparents’ porch, eagerly waiting for Grandpa to make his big entrance, transforming ...read the full piece >>


The Brother Moves On

by Sihle Ntuli

Do you remember when we were younger, ugogo gathering pawpaw from her garden, sitting patiently waiting for us to finish indulging in the fruit, ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Dump Dwellers

by Phyllis C. Koppel

The dump is not the best place to tell a fairy-tale, but Carmen’s seven-year old sister doesn’t care. Rosario listens to the intruder’s story as if it ...read the full piece >>


The Foreigner

by Arantxa Hernandez

The alarm goes off at 5:45. You have to wake up within the next 5 minutes if you want to make it on time for school. You quickly brush your teeth, ...read the full piece >>


The Man I’ve Never Met

by Aiden Heung

Memory does not work like a picture in an album to be opened, perhaps on new year’s eve. I don’t know what emptiness can be parsed into loss or what ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Overcoat

by Leonid Newhouse

I stood by the bronze horseman and shivered. It was already April, but the frigid wind that blew in from the Neva went straight through me. Even Peter ...read the full piece >>


The Particulars of Time

by Lyde Gerard Villanueva

When I think of immortality, it makes me want to disregard time as a concept, something imagined that is measured in numbers. I turn off my phone, ...read the full piece >>

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