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Issue Fall '19



by Gabriel Mundo

I once heard a man (see: white) say that when a beaner is born Lady Liberty locks the door. He was laughing until he saw me. I am now a brown man ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction


by Catherine C. Con

A Story of a friend and her mother. What happened? What was that wonderful thing? I held my breath and didn’t want it to pass. The moon with its ...read the full piece >>


Caramelized dessert sand

by Maria Arango

Dust crawls in between my thighs and hips, I swallow my thirst. My knees crave the sweetness of freedom. Warmly, my tongue wraps my hunger. My knees ...read the full piece >>



by oꞴli̊que/o

Should ever we meet, naked and meandering on the infinite shores of an ancient beach, I’d adore the discovery of you collecting shells, continuing the ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Down in Africa

by Filippo Bagnasco

I stepped down from the jeep onto the red, burned earth. My brand new military boots blew a ring of small puffs of dirt as they touched the ground. ...read the full piece >>


Early Morning Stroll

by Ketina Muringaniza

Everyone had gone to bed late the previous night. Kudakwashe, my son, had just returned from a research trip and the whole family had assembled ...read the full piece >>


Fort McMurray

by SaraSwoti Lamichhane

Had I not heard it’s a wasteland? A new Hiroshima? Fuels all over; fumes everywhere A crew digging a hole so deep And diseasing the city to death For ...read the full piece >>


Four Kinds of Emptiness

by Chengru He

of which one is full, awaiting a virgin blossom to unbalance the abundance. the room is quiet, as if we are part of the plan, planted, pressed, bound, ...read the full piece >>


I Am Ill Today

by Ema Dumitriu

to Frank O’Hara If I were in New York today, at 13:31, mean hour of London, I’d walk and pay attention to my steps, not knowing if the splashing sun ...read the full piece >>


I am too British, I use a fork when I eat

by Darshita Jain

a spoon to scoop chunks of my mother’s language that I can extract, and spin into an introduction on first-days of college when asked the correct ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

In Neverland

by Maria Makrovasili

In Neverland, the kids never grow up. In Neverland, the kids remain young forever. These are the forever kids, as they call themselves. Endless ...read the full piece >>

Short Story


by Gamze S. Saymaz

chapter one: mattie rettig doesn’t write love songs it’s so crowded under your skin. but bones only crack in the frequency of haunted house pillars. ...read the full piece >>


Journey into my Grandmother’s Tongue

by Margreet Dietz

I called Mom, who was in a hospital recovering from a hip replacement, in Harderwijk, the Dutch town where I grew up. I’d left the Netherlands in my ...read the full piece >>


Living In-Between

by Marlena Maduro Baraf

We’ve taken off and curving left as we rise; the left motor is droning harshly. The highways below are close enough that I can make out the long vans ...read the full piece >>


Mother & the Moon

by Mandy Moe Pwint Tu

The moon swings from orchard boughs Pale, proud, and pandering. Mama sits under the petaled trees Singing softly, singing softly. Somewhere she has a ...read the full piece >>

Flash Nonfiction

No! – 04.06.2019

by Remi Skytterstad

It is June 4 th , 2019, exactly 30 years since the protests at Tiananmen Square, and my daughter has begun to understand the power in no. Run to the ...read the full piece >>


On an island far away

by Lisa Süß

On an island far away cliffs fall into the sea with the kind of beauty that’s hard to cope with when you’re an atheist. The only development are ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Shadows over Jerusalem II

by Philip Steiner

The Prophecy of Job Elah closed the tiny booklet. Now he knew. Outside his window the bright burning celestial body forced its light through the dark ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

Thapaliyaji the Social Worker

by Khem K. Aryal

I was busy at the counter when Thapaliyaji dragged himself over and stood close to the coffee stand, staring at the customers. He wore pale blue ...read the full piece >>


The Americans

by Joelle Ballonzoli

One of a series of short stories, each standing on their own, which focus on the importance placed on the communal nature of life in France in the ...read the full piece >>

Flash Fiction

The Brightest One

by Richard M. Cho

The Creator imbued the universe with time, and told the angels, this will set us celestial beings apart. They watched the stars coming into being and ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Education

by Charlotte Gajek

They arrive at the Mayfair restaurant just past eight in the evening, as they always do. Four men, in their late thirties: men who wear striped shirts ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Serial Murder

by Heidi Kofler

“Need a ride?” “Hell yeah! Thanks, man!” “What brings you out here?” “The bus left me when I went to take a piss. Got tired of waiting for the next ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The River

by Jingshu Yao

“Guess what? We are in the same class again! Isn't that great? I never thought I would see a familiar face in middle school.” Your voice sounded so ...read the full piece >>

Short Story

The Theatre

by Julia Hausstätter

You could still hear the prolonged beep ringing in your ears. Long after the doctor told the nurse to turn off the monitor, long after your daughter’s ...read the full piece >>

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