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Douglas Jern


First Language(s): Swedish
Second Language(s): English, Japanese


Douglas Jern was born in Lund, Sweden and lives in Nagoya, Japan, working as a translator and writer. He’s not sure how he ended up halfway around the world, but it just goes to show you never know where life will take you. When he’s not tapping away at his keyboard, he likes to read, play video games, and cook.


What was your favorite book as a child?

My favorite book as a child was The Brothers Lionheart (Bröderna Lejonhjärta) by Astrid Lindgren, a magical tale of two brothers, their deaths, and their adventures in the afterlife. I was enthralled by the story and the beautiful and sometimes terrifying illustrations (the full-page illustration of the dragon Katla haunts my nightmares to this day).

What was the original reason or motivation why you started writing creatively?

I have toyed with writing ever since childhood, but only started writing in earnest in my twenties, experimenting with short stories and eventually self-publishing a novel. I started with fanfiction, but soon realized I wanted to come up with characters and settings of my own, and it grew from there.

What was the most adventurous or thrilling thing you ever did/experienced?

After graduating high school, I went to the UK where I traveled by train. It was my first time traveling alone in another country, and it was an exciting, although at times frightening experience. Early on, while in London, I was mugged at knifepoint by a young gang member. Luckily, I carried most of my money in a concealed purse worn under my shirt, so the robber only got away with the forty pounds in my wallet. It always pays to be well prepared.

Do you listen to music while reading or writing?

I usually prefer silence when writing, as I find music to be distracting.


Short Story
The One Who Never Left
Issue Spring '23

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