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Catherine C. Con


First Language(s): Mandarin
Second Language(s): English, Taiwanese


Catherine grew up in Taiwan. She earned a BA in English Literature from Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taipei and an MS in Information Science from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. She is a Computer Science Instructor at the University of South Carolina Upstate. Her short story "A Tale of Two Paintings" was published in Emrys Journal 2019.


What was your favorite book as a child?

Favorite book as a child: West Wandering Chronicles by Wu Cheng’en.

Do you remember the original reason or motivation why you started writing creatively?

Writing is in my blood, in my DNA, it's like the color of my eyes, the shape of my nose. It is not by choice, it is a part of me. My father was a famed writer in China, he had to change his first name to escape Chinese Communism in the 1940s by going to Taiwan. Growing up, I always represented my schools in writing competitions, and always won awards. When we migrated to the United States, I was like a bird with bird songs but which had lost its tongue. I could communicate in coarse English, but not eloquently. It was painful for me until I could write again.

What was the most adventurous or thrilling thing you ever did/experienced?

My trip to Tokyo, Japan. The delicate, gentle culture and the harmonious, orderly society took me aback. I would very much like to go back there when I save up enough money and stay there for some time.

Do you listen to music while reading or writing?

When I do my writing practice, I play Jazz. When I try to work out the rhythm of my sentences, I like complete silence.


Mandarin Suits
Issue Spring '20

Flash Nonfiction
Issue Fall '19

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