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Anika Pavel


First Language(s): Slovak
Second Language(s): English


Anika Pavel was born Jarmila Kocvarova in Czechoslovakia and became a refugee after the Soviet Union put the bloody end to Prague Spring. After a career in modelling and acting in Europe, she moved to NYC and became a writer. Her work has been published in several magazines and the essay, “Encounter With The Future,” featured in www.BioStories.com, has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. www.anikapavel.com


What was your favorite book as a child?

My favorite book as a child was “Babicka” by Bozena Nemcova. I read “War and Peace” quite young and fell in love with Andrej Sladkovic as a teenager.

Do you remember the original reason or motivation why you started writing creatively?

As far back as I remember I would “write” stories in my head. I wrote my first book at 15 in long hand (it still lurks somewhere in my drawer). In high school I had several short stories published. My goal was to be a writer.

What was the most adventurous or thrilling thing you ever did/experienced?

Leaving home at age 18 and entering the world I knew only from books. Learning a new language and eventually mastering the language well enough to write.

Do you listen to music while reading or writing?

No, I do not listen to music when I write. Music affects me deeply and draws me into its world, and prevents me from fully engaging in the world of words.


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