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The In Conversation section of Tint Journal is a place where discussions about ESL writing, books, and authors take place, where writers, readers, and book lovers come to share ideas, discover new favorite books, and read up on up-and-coming authors.

The section is divided in reviews, where our volunteers introduce our readers to new ESL books and old classics of the genre; interviews, where ESL authors share their creative secrets, their love for language, and their future projects; profiles, where our volunteers discover and present to us valuable names in the world of ESL writing.

Each article features an area for discussion at the bottom, where our readers can ask writers and editors questions or engage in conversation with one another. And if you are the writerly type rather then the readerly one, you can contact us and we’ll walk you through writing your very own In Conversation article!

It’s time to grab a cup of tea and get ready to discover your next favorite ESL book!

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